SAN Pub Crawl VII

SAN Pub Crawl started in Gangnam at Woodstock and shifted gears into Itaewon by 9:30 and continued on throughout the night from there. The 7th pub crawl was fantastic fun with raffle prizes ranging from single Trango slings, Trango and Metolious nut picks, Kovea headlamps, shirts, Zermatt neck-warmer hats, compactable cups, Ocun liquid chalk, BD belay gloves, BD Vapor lock, and much more. And as one fellow alum put it, “The Cass beer was plentiful and the entertainment (SAN) was spectacular.” Overall participation throughout the night was up in the teens and SAN would like to thank all SAN Alum and alum friends who came out to join and make it such a wicked time!