SAN Associate & Support Staff Acknowledged

SAN Associate & Support Staff, Young-jun Lee and Peter Jensen-Choi, are acknowledged in the recently published book, On Top of the World, The New Millenium, for their assistance in resourcing and contributing expedition images of some of the major Korean high altitude expeditions since the turn of the century. On Top of the World, The New Millenium is a compilation by author Dr. Richard Sale of spectacular high quality alpine images from expeditions done by numerous teams throughout the world. This photographic book covers a general history of of all of the fourteen 8,000 meter peaks of the world and the descriptions of recent summits and attempts of these peaks since the turn of the century.
The stunning images of these high altitude expeditions, descriptions and informative tables listing these high altitude achievements above the death zone make this book an interesting read and look for anyone. This book is soon to also be published here, in South Korea– so look for it on the shelves in the near future!