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Korean Glossary of Climbing Terms

As you might have already guessed, Korean, being one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn for native English speakers, might be a major problem on the rock and ice. This is a useful communication guideline for you while climbing in Korea. The chart below is a comprehensive chart of Korean, Anglicized-Korean by the Korean Ministry of Education, Anglicized-Korean by yours truly, and the English translation of Korean in order to help you get a leg up on the rock–no pun intended.

The importance and reason why SAN has included the Koreanized-English is due to the Korean Ministry of Education. Throughout Korea, the Korean Ministry of Education has invented their own system as to how they believe Korean ought to be transliterated in English. For example, the Korean Ministry of Education’s Korean transliteration of “mul”, which means water, is actually pronounced “mool”, just as the “jib” is actually pronounced more like the “jeep” people four-wheel in. Observing this column will prove to help you not only on the while out and about on Korean rock or ice, but also help your off the rock and ice as well. during your stay in Korea.

한국어 Korean Ministry of Educ. Practical Pronunciation Translation
장비 jangbi jawng-bee equipment
배낭­ baenang bay-nawng backpack
jul jool rope
짜일 jja-il zaw-eel rope
확보 hwak-bo Hwawk-boe protection
볼트 bol-teu boltuh bolt
난이도 nanido naw-nee-doe grade level
마디 madi maw-dee pitch
출발 chulbal chool-ball climbing
출발 하세요 chulbal hasaeyo chool-ball haw-say-yo climb on
올라 와요 olla wa-yo oh-law wah-yo climb on/come up
줄 먹어 jul meo-geo jool muh-guh tension/up-rope
줄 주세요 jul jusaeyo jool joo-say-yo slack
통과 tong-gwa tohng-gwah clip (through)
설치 seolchi seol-chee fix/fasten
회수 hwae-su hway-soo remove/unfasten
풀으세요 pul-reu saeyo poo-roo-say-yo remove/unfasten
대기 dae-gi day-gie wait a sec
참깐 cham-kkan chawm=kkawn wait a sec
앞서지는 apseojineun opsuh-jeenun run-out
길이 막겨요 gil-i mak-kyeo-yo ghee-lee mawk-kyuh-yo the route is crowded
준비 완료 jun-bi won-ryo joon-bee wall-yo preparations complete/safe
내려 nae-ryeo nay-ryuh come down/rapping
위험 wi-heom wee-hum danger
안전 an-jeon awn-jun safety
낙석 nak-seok nawk-suk falling rock
낙자 nakja nawk-jaw rope down
내려 줘 nae-ryeo jueo nay-ryuh joe lower me
하강 ha-gang haw-gawng rapping
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