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Multi-Pitch Climbs

Find your edge and expose yourself to the lofty heights up one of the many spectucular peaks in the Bukhansan National Park or whereveryour climbing spirit desires. Nothing quite beats the feeling of hanging out over a ledge and looking down, over and out into the distance at a spectacular view you cannot get from anywhere else other than a mountain side.

All multi-pitch climbs finish atop the summit or peak of your choice. You are guaranteed to feel the satisfaction of the challenge, exhiliration, fun and hard work escalated atop the summit and the awesome panoramic view. These guided climbs offer what no ordinary tourist location can possibly offer.

You don’t have to be an expert to climb to the top of these peaks. Before each and every guided climb, SAN guides take the time to show you the proper signals, appropriate climbing systems and basic rock climbing techniques to help you reach the summit. SAN guides are extremely familiar with the chosen guided routes and practice the finest standards of safety to ensure your climb is an exciting and memorable time.

Sanirang Alpine Networks understands how difficult buying gear in Korea can be. We also understand how expensive the necessary basic gear can be in order to learn how to climb, so because of this, SAN rents all of the necessary gear required to climb from head to toe at the cheap and reasonable rate of 5,000KRW per gear. Necessary gear includes: helmet, climbing slippers, harness, and belaying device set for 20,000KRW for everything. All clients are encouraged to bring their own gear or buy their own gear!

*Multi Pitch Guided Climbs are only 250‚000KRW per client and 2000‚000KRW for every other client after that.

*For information on rental and rates, refer to this page here:

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