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About Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC

Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC was started in 2009 and becoming Seoul’s first foreign-owned climbing service to cater to the local expatriate communities, U.S. military and embassy personnel, and travellers from abroad on business and/or pleasure. “Sanirang” is properly pronounced “sawn-ee-rawng” to those of you unfamiliar with the English transliteration of Korean. The word “SAN” is the Sino-Korean word for mountain; and thus, “SANirang” literally translates as “MOUNTAIN with”. So, together with the mountains we go!

We can proudly boast what no other native English-speaking alpine service on the peninsula can about what we do. Our goal as a climbing service is to not only make your guided climbing adventure with us safe and/or teach intelligent skills sets and systems to make our clients safer and more efficient climbers, but our goal is also to introduce and educate clients about the finer points on Korea’s climbing culture, community and on its own historical developments in alpinism. Our guides and instructors can take you back in time by sharing their knowledge and stories in the terrain and on the classic routes in the Bukhansan National Park– leaving clients with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the journey they have embarked upon with us.

SAN LLC Guides

There is no compromise when it comes to the safety of our clients. All SAN associates have gained extensive knowledge and experience in some of the world’s most extreme alpine environment ranges‚ such as‚ Pakistan‚ China‚ India‚ and Nepal. The value of each associate’s experience and knowledge is many-fold the cost of any outing with them. All associate instructors and guides hold certifications with the KAF(Korean Alpine Federation) or AMGA(American Mountaineering Guides Association).

And we encourage all and any to hire us to guide and instruct them in some of Korea’s finest outdoor environments!

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