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click for profile"A Lesson Out on the Ice"‚ Korea4Expats – News ‚ December 27, 2010. " Written by Peter Jensen-Choi" It’s a freezing cold morning as a few clients and I head up the trail to a frozen waterfall. After a brief ice breaking conversation of the regular when’s, where’s, and why’s of how my clients ended up in Korea, one of them follows up with, “So, how long have you been climbing anyway?”….Click on the K4E icon to read more.

click for profile"Sanirang Climbing Adventure"‚ Life&Style – News‚ June 15, 2010. " Written by Matt Lamers"Sanirang Alpine Networks’ Peter Jensen-Choi says rock climbing is not only a great way to explore the unseen in Korea, but that many enjoy the team-building aspect of the sport. “Climbing is a great medium for expats and Koreans… Click on the Korea Herald icon to read more.

click for profile"A Climb in Korea"‚ Korea4Expats – News ‚ April 08, 2010. " Written by Peter Jensen-Choi" The snow had been falling for the past few hours on our climb up to the top of InsuBong, an enormous monolith of granite that towers into the sky above the hills and trees of Bukhansan National Park, not too far from the northwestern reaches of downtown Seoul. Click on the K4E icon to read more.

click for profile"Ice Climbing with Peter Jensen-Choi"‚ Groove Issue #40‚ November 2010‚ p.40. Reported by Matthew Graveline If there is something Korea is known for internationally — aside from kimchi — it’s the fact that the country has a lot of mountains. In fact, it is difficult to be somewhere in Korea and not see a mountain. The geography of this penninsula nation is… For a copy of this article, please contact Groove Korea via the icon to the left.

click for profileSAN instructor/guide Peter Jensen-Choi participated in the KAF sponsored symposium ‚ "How should we view Korean Alpinism?" Presented by the Korean MOUNTAIN magazine on November 18‚ 2009. A summary of this event entitled "Koreans Re-examine their Climbing Culture" can be read on the AAJ Beta’s Web Exclusives. Click on the AAC icon to read more.

Seoul TBS eFM’s "The Evening Show"‚ October 19th‚ 2009‚ Reported by Michael Rhee
Seoul’s Traffic Broadcasting Station eFM’s "The Evening Show" with reporter Michael Rhee stopped by to visit Sanirang Alpine Networks to find out more about the free Wednesday morning and afternoon clinics being offered by SAN. Click on the TBS icon to hear how it was reported.

click for profile"Rock Climbing 101"‚ Groove Issue #37‚ November 2009‚ p.40. Reported by Ben Min
On October 9‚ 2009‚ Groove reporter Ben Min along with his friend‚ Shawn McRae‚ visited Sanirang Alpine Networks for a brief lesson and a guided seven pitch rock climb to the top of Insu Peak located in the BukHanSan National Park. For a copy of this article, please contact Groove Korea via the icon to the left.

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