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Beginner Rock Course

SAN LLC Beginner Courses are designed for those who may have some basic climbing skills‚ but would like to have a stronger understanding with the basics of climbing. All skills and techniques are taught in the natural environment at one of the many gorgeously forested climbing crags in the GyeongGi Province and Seoul perimeters.

Clients will learn and practice various top-rope belaying and abseiling skills and techniques necessary to make their future climbing experiences safer and more enjoyable. Skill sets taught in this course are as follows:

  • Review Crag Safety‚ Gear & Protocol Signals
  • Climbing Movements & Techniques
  • Anchor Tie-In Priniples & Techniques
  • Top-rope Single Pitch Belaying
  • Basic Multi-Pitch Anchor Belaying Techniques
  • Multi-pitch Management & Changeover Techniques
  • Basic Abseil Techniques
  • Top-Rope & Multi-pitch Climbing & Practice


The setting for this course can be at either an artificial climbing wall or natural crag within the Seoul and GyeongGi Province limits and is the choice of the client. Please click here on our Rental & Rates for more detailed information about our rates.

*Equivalent technical skill sets of the previous relative course are required of clients to participate in the appropriately desired course. Skill sets reviewed will be taught at the discretion of the instructor’s best judgement.

*Sanirang Alpine Networks requires the signing of a release of liablity form by all participants of any SAN related clinic‚ program‚ course or service and reserves the right to deny service to those who do not.

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