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Intermediate Technical Sport

Intermediate Technical Sport Climbing Course(6~8 hours)

SAN Intermediate Technical Sport Rock Climbing Courses are a must for all climbers who want the security of being proficient‚ self-empowered and confident enough to handle certain given circumstances. The Intermediate Technical Course teaches more advanced skill sets that can help anyone on their way to become a well-rounded and more experienced climber in a single pitch scenario.

This course teaches and reviews the various circumstances or instances in which each one of the below skill sets are employed and the pros and cons of choosing one one skill set over another for a particular given situation. This course is an excellent way to go beyond the regular intermediate set of skills and gives clients a deeper understanding and appreciation of how important being able to act with the skills given one of only several of these situations were to arise.

  • TR Belayer Changeover Techniques
  • Knot Pass-over Techniques(Lower & Raise)
  • Belay Tie-Off
  • Escaping the Belay
  • TR Pick-Off Rescue
  • Single Line Abseil Techniques
  • Retrieval Resolution Techniques
  • Problematic SP Scenarios & Resolutions


This course is an excellent way to have fun while learning specific systems of safety and basic rescue skills. The alotted time for the course also gives clients plenty of opportunity to practice the technical aspects of each skill set and field questions with our friendly‚ patient and experienced instructors.

The setting for these courses may be at a natural crag within the Seoul and GyeongGi Province limits. Please visit the Rental and Rates by clicking here Rental & Ratesto learn more about prices to hire our services out.

*Equivalent technical skill sets of the previous relative course are required of clients to participate in the appropriately desired course. Skill sets reviewed will be taught at the discretion of the instructor’s best judgement.

**Sanirang Alpine Networks requires the signing of a release of liablity form by all participants of any SAN related clinic‚ program‚ course or service and reserves the right to deny service to those who do not.

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