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Vertical Ice Quest Outings

ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN and participants need no prior climbing experience to join in our fun Vertical Ice Quest climbing tours. All you need are some warm clothes and an outgoing attitude to want to get out on the snow and ice. All outings include insurance coverage, free t-shirts, Native English and Korean-led instruction, discounts(military, alum, family) and additional gear rental if necessary. Not only is this an excellent and safe way to learn about and expose your senses to the thrill and excitement of vertical ice climbing in a unique Korean outdoor settings, but is also a fun way to meet new and old faces alike from all corners of the world.

NEXT OUTING: SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2017 – Vertical Ice Quest 07
TIME: 6:45AM ~ 5:30PM
MEETING POINT: 6:45AM, Sky Blue Line #4, Isu Station, Exit #3

DISCOUNT RATE: 82,500KRW ea.(alum, military & family)
DEPOSIT DUE DATE: Thursday, March 02, 2017

UPCOMING OUTING: SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2017 – Vertical Ice Quest 08
TIME: 6:45AM ~ 5:30PM
MEETING POINT 1: 6:45AM, Sky Blue Line #4, Isu Station, Exit #3

DISCOUNT RATE: 82,500KRW ea.(alum, military & family)
DEPOSIT DUE DATE: Thursday, March 09, 2017

*Above rates do not include gear rental, food and/or nightly accommodations)
**Paypal payments are not compensated for in the differences in exchange rate currencies(e.g. 93,500KRW = 93.50USD)

LISTED RATES(Korean 10% VAT inclusive)

–Basic Rate: 93,500KRW (rate applies to all participants who are not alum, cannot verify they are currently in the US military and/or not participating on the family discount)

–Alum Rate: 82,500KRW
(has participated in five previous SAN LLC outings, courses or climbing school)

–US Military Rate: 82,500KRW
(only US Military ID is required)

–Family Rate: 82,500KRW
(applies to/for parents with children under the age of 22 for all family members to be eligible)

Vertical Ice Quest Outings are not only great way to learn basic ice climbing skills, techniques, safety, climbing etiquette and proper top-rope belaying raising and lowering skills, but are also great review for those who have some prior ice climbing experience, but would like to review or fine tune their ice techniques. VIQ Outings focus specifically on vertical ice climbing techniques, review of protocol safety systems unless otherwise specified for a particular outing.

Participation and gear rental is reserved on a first-pay first-serve basis with a maximum of 7~8 people per outing. This is a highly recommended outing by many and spots will fill up. So contact us directly via or get your deposit in ASAP!

For on-going notifications for the Vertical Ice Quest Outings, click on these links and join via:
…and or by regularly visiting this page.

To view the Vertical Ice Quest photo albums gallery, visit:

SAN LLC requires specific personal information(e.g. full name, nationality, DOB and ARC, passport and/or US military id number) to process insurance and reserves the right to deny service to anyone who declines such information and/or refuses to sign the SAN LLC Release of Liability Waiver.

*Gear Set Rental: 35,000(helmet, harness, belay set, ice boots, crampons, piolet and 2 ice axes)
Individual Gear Rental: 5,000KRW per each piece(helmet, harness and/or belay set)
Individual Gear Rental: 10,000KRW per each piece(ice boots, crampons, piolet, ice axes)
Gear: Personal/Rental Required. Free SAN t-shirt while supplies last!

The group outing costs vary this season and are listed above. All costs include the Korean 10% VAT. The deadline for payment and registration is on Thursday‚ before each outing. The maximum number of participants is 10. Preferred direct payments can be made to the following account:

Bank Name: Hana Bank
Account Number: 476-910014-63204
Account Holder: (주)산이랑 알파인 넷웍스/Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC
*Please, if you pay via PayPal, contact us directly at

Once SAN LLC has confirmed your payment‚ a tentative itinerary will be sent to you along with a request to fill out our registration form. This form is also for your benefit in the very unlikely event of a mishap or injury‚ SAN LLC asks clients for the following specific information in order to process a temporary insurance policy. SAN LLC is not only one of the few climbing outfitters in the world that insures clients‚ but also includes coverage as part of the original payment. SAN LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any client who does not provide us the information to the following on-line registration form here:

SAN LLC Climbing Gear
Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC understands how difficult buying gear in Korea can be. We also understand how expensive the necessary basic gear can be in order to learn how to climb, so because of this, SAN LLC rents all of the necessary gear required to join the group outings from head to toe at exceptionally reasonable rates. The basic necessary gear required to ice climb includes: helmet, harness, hard soled ice climbing boots, crampons, ice axes, daisy chain, 2 HMS locking carabiners and a belay device.

For information on rental and rates, refer to this page here: All clients are encouraged to bring their own gear or buy their own gear if possible!

Also, for more information on how to prepare for each outing(e.g. winter clothing), please refer this link:

Rain or Shine Policy
The Climbing School will never cancel despite deteriorating weather conditions. In the event of less than promising weather and SAN deems it to unsafe to climb, sessions will be done at an indoor climbing or bouldering gym where additional bouldering and sport climbing techniques and skills will be taught.

Refund Policy – Rock & Ice Group Outings

For SAN LLC organized group outings, an initial 100% deposit is required to reserve a spot. Cancellations must be made one week prior to the start date of the intended and scheduled climbing group outings in order to receive a complete refund; otherwise, the deposit is completely forfeited to SAN. In the event that a full-payment of deposit has been made and the participant cancels within the week of the scheduled climbing group outing session, 50% of their full payment deposit will be forfeited and the remaining 50% will be refunded in cash or credited. No refunds are awarded within two days prior to the scheduled group outings regardless of the number of participants involved or the participants’ conditions.

For privately hired group outings, a minimum non-refundable deposit for at least six participants must be made at least one month in advance to fix the date. Cancellations must be made two weeks prior to the start date of the intended and scheduled climbing group outing in order to receive a maximum 50% refund for the minimum required six participants(plus a full refund on the additional participant payments for initial full payments confirmed), otherwise, the deposit for the minimum required six participants is completely forfeited to SAN LLC. For more than six participants, the additional participants’ payments may optionally be forwarded by no later than one week prior to the scheduled date which are not refundable. No refunds are awarded within the week of the scheduled group outings regardless of the number of participants involved or the participants’ conditions.

US Military will be awarded full refunds minus the initial insurance processing fees(currently 15,000KRW) for Rock and Ice Group Outings ONLY; and also, ONLY under the unexpected circumstances that the participant was indeed unable to participate due to a military lock-down.

*Insurance coverage is inclusive and applies to all courses, guided climbs and climbing school programs.

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