Welcome to Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC

"When asked what kind of man a mountaineer should be, Julius Kugy replied, "Truthful, distinguished and modest". Heinrich Harrer also added "courageous and reliable" upon writing The White Spider." -

Guided Rock & Ice Climbing Adventures In South Korea

Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC offers rock and ice climbing services to several of Korea’s finest natural alpine environments and climbing locations. Our venues include locations and instruction suited for novice and intermediate climbing enthusiasts of all levels. Not only are our rock climbing courses‚ clinics and programs are taught in a complete and comprehensive way by experienced instructors to give clients the quality instruction they deserve; our instructors have safely guided hundreds of clients along the granite ridgelines and spires throughout the Bukhansan National Park for decades.

SAN LLC Climbing Instructors / Guides

There is no compromise when it comes to the safety of our clients. All associate instructors and guides are certified by either the KAF(Korean Alpine Federation) or AMGA(American Mountaineering Guides Association) and have climbed in some of the world’s most extreme alpine ranges including Pakistan‚ China‚ India‚ and Nepal. Associates have also rock climbed at several of Korea’s finest crags, making them the perfect guides for your journey. The value of each associate’s experience and knowledge is many-fold the cost of any outing with them.

SAN LLC Climbing Support Team

Nothing is more important than the adventure itself. The SAN Support Team is an essential component to helping make this possible for so many of the SAN clinics‚ programs and endeavors. The SAN Support Team assists with a multitude of aspects and needs that have become the root to SAN’s success. Assistance from the SAN Support Team includes help with research‚ development and organization of advertising‚ logisitics‚ accounting‚ programs‚ courses‚ clinics and services. Not only are the SAN Support Team members trained by SAN instructors for specific venues to make your time out with us a safe‚ enjoyable‚ and positive experience‚ our much appreciated support team is very friendly‚ easy-going and a pleasure to be around with.

Climbing Clinics & Gear

SAN LLC understands how difficult getting into rock or ice climbing can be without the proper instruction or gear. SAN LLC offers open monthly top-roping climbing clinics lead by qualified instructors with the help of the SAN support team. During the winter specialized group outings, indoor ice climbing clinics and ice climbing schools are also offered. Those who join get a free SAN t-shirt. All of the neccessary rock and ice climbing gear can be rented at a reasonable rate for all SAN clinics‚ courses‚ guided outings and programs.

Come join SAN LLC and associates on an adventure to the finest and loftiest cliffs‚ crags‚ ice falls and ridges that the Land of the Morning Calm has to offer. Learn about Korea and yourself through the wonderful activity of rock and ice climbing.

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