Ui Sports & SAN On-line Shopping Opens!!

SAN has finally come up with a creative and clever way to market gear for Ui Sports online for SAN climbers and the general public alike for the first time! i Sports and SAN have created nice gear set deals and bargains on specific types of gear to help everyone get into this wonderful activity we call climbing a little bit quicker. This will not only save you time by doing things either on-line or a quick trip to a nearby bank machine, it makes the shoppping part whole heck of a lot easier without having to make the trip to Dongdaemun and scramble from shop to shop just to save a couple extra bucks. Ui Sports has leveled the currently advertised items down to or even less than the average cost you might find anywhere else. We want you to get excited about climbing and make things easier for everyone. We also think this is a great way to encourage you to save yourself from paying a bit extra to rent gear and invest in some of your own at a very nice price.

When considering how much the cost of these items are and doing some online surfing, you will see that gear in Korea is more expensive than in some of the other western countries. The prices advertised for the Ui Sports deals is strictly based on the Korean market which accounts a lot for the import taxes. It would be hard to find deals much better than these in Korea, but if you are willing to spend the time looking and do find them, then more power to you!

If you do decide to purchase gear via our new link, we highly recommend that you do so via Korean bank machines to save on the difference using Paypal. Paypal currently does not operate in Korean won and also charges Ui Sports a service fee for each transaction. Plus, because of the difference in the exchange rates, the buyer loses out by purchasing in US dollars.

Here is the link: http://sanirang.net/home/edelweiss-ui-sports-gear-sets/

Whatever you do, be sure to fill out the contact form that will be relayed to Ui Sports and SAN both!

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