Alpine Youth Educational Presentation

Sanirang Alpine Networks visited the Seoul American Middle School to do two short forty-five minute educational presentations on alpinism. The middle schoolers had previously done some research and poster-board presentations on various topics related to the environment and high altitude climbing directed by their teacher. Sanirang Alpine Networks goal was to give them a basic, but deeper understanding of through historical, informational, video and pictorial references.

Topics covered a brief history alpinism, technical advancements, high altitude climbing, the affects of high altitude, the trail to Everest, approaches and styles of high altitude climbing, basic winter clothing systems, climbing gears, basic concept of top-rope climbing, the various types of climbing, preventative measures before going out into the wilderness, positive and negative environmental affects as a result of expeditions in the Himalayas, basic LNT principles, and very brief profile of prominent Korean climbing figures of South Korea.

Due to time constraints, a few fun climbing related hands-on activities and a brief history on Korean alpinism were not done, but overall the presentation was a success and the children were a pleasure to lecture to.