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Frequently Asked Questions

Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC understands how confusing and similar things may appear on the surface when first taking an interest the exciting and extreme activity of climbing. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions we are often confronted with. If you have a question that is not fielded on this page‚ please feel free to ask us. We will be glad to answer your question the best we can.

Isn’t climbing a dangerous activity?

–SAN LLC makes no false claims about the safety or hazards of climbing. Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity; however, this doesn’t not mean climbing has to become all gloom and doom. Climbing can be and should be a safe and very enjoyable activity; however, does require the technical know-how, experience, expertise and patience of a certified and experienced instructor or guide to make climbing the exhilarating experience and activity it is meant be. Our courses and programs are designed to teach and instruct the techniques, skills, and methods practiced to prevent common mistakes or mishaps, and to keep climbing systems redundant, safe and closed.

I am new to Korea and interested in getting notifications about upcoming programs, events and outings. What can I do to get this kind of information?

–The quickest and easiest way to learn about these dates is to visit our programs link and choose the type of program or outing that interests you here: All of the programs or outings are listed to the left in blue. All of the dates for these outings is listed via the program or outing that you choose to click on. Additonally, if you would like notifications about upcoming events, please make friends our Facebook account via or Sanirang Dot Net.

Why do the programs, courses and personalized guided outings seem so expensive?

–Our best reply to this question is for you to do some on-line comparative pricing web searches with other climbing services not just here in Korea, but also in your home country. SAN LLC is also a limited liability corporation which means that we employ certified and qualified instructors and guides in order to maintain a certain standard of safety which is not the case for other climbing services offered here on the peninsula. All outings include heavy emphasis on safety systems, insurance coverage and other benefits of becoming a part of our climbing community. Although our prices may be more expensive, the quality of our instruction and guiding is unbeatable, please take a look at our testimonials page and read what others have to say here:

What can I expect on the day of my guided climb?

–Not all, but most guided climbs, will meet around anywhere between 7:30~9:00AM, in northern Seoul’s GangBukGu district at the Ui Sports climbing shop. Snacks, lunch and drinks can easily be bought near the shop. Once waivers are signed, gear is fitted and final payment is made, a 2,000KRW cab ride up to the trailhead will be taken. The approach times vary between 30 minutes to an hour. Once climbing has commenced and finished, another route or more climbing may be done at the discretion of the guide and/or depending on the time. Guided outings typically end up back at the shop anytime between 3:30 ~ 5:30.

What can I expect on the day of my private lesson?

–Private lesson sites will vary depending upon the participant’s course of interest, site manageability and weather which will be followed up in more detail once a date and deposit have been confirmed. Rendezvous times be from anywhere between 7:30~9:00AM. The approach times can vary from 10 min. to 1 hour, depending on the participants level of interest(e.g. multi-pitch lessons are typically held in the Bukhansan National Park and require 30 min ~ 1 hour hike into crag). Full day lessons typically end between 3:30~4:30.

I want to sign up with SAN LLC, but why do I have to disclose so much information?

–All of the personal information required by SAN from head to toe is to help us organize your outing with us more enjoyable. We also require certain information in order to cover our clients with a unique insurance policy in the very unlikely event of an accident, injury and even death. We are one of the few outfitters in the world that provide such coverage so easily to participants.

I don’t have a Korean bank account. How can I make payment?

–For those without a Korean bank account, we recommend that you go directly to any Hana Bank branch and make a direct cash deposit to the SAN account(be sure to bring your passport so they can register this under your name and you can use this as a proof of deposit if you feel this is neccessary). We also recommend that you either ask a friend or co-worker to make the deposit via their account(be sure to notify us under which name is is transferred), use your visa/debit card on any subway station or convenient store bank teller(they all have English functionality) or do so using PayPal via, we discourage this because SAN doesn’t compensate on the exchange rates. E.G. 250,000KRW = 250.00USD via PayPal).

I am new to Korea and would prefer to pay via my credit card. Is this possible?

–Yes, credit card payments, though not accepted directly through SAN, can be processed by following a few simple and straight-forward steps. First, contact us directly via, and we will send you a “payment request” via Paypal and send you an email with screen-shot image prompts of how to do so via the Paypal payment request. It is a direct and simple optional way to forward payment(however, we also discourage this because SAN doesn’t compensate on the exchange rates. E.G. 250,000KRW = 250.00USD via PayPal).

When I make my deposit/payment, how will I know that this has gone through okay?

–All SAN accounts receive digital notifications when a deposit has gone through successfully. Once payment is confirmed through the bank, SAN will send out a payment of confirmation email to the client as soon as possible. Alternately, you may send SAN an email to notify us that you have sent your deposit and would like confirmation that it has gone through via

I have just arrived to Korea and do not have an Alien Registration Card number(ARC). Is it still possible for me to sign up and register?

–Yes, it is still possible to sign up for any of our services and/or programs. We require that all clients submit at least one of the three pieces of identification to register: ARC and status/type(e.g. E2, F4, etc.), Passport # with your DOB or Military ID # with your DOB.

I have tried to submit an inquiry and/or the required information via the contact/registration forms, but am not certain it has not gone through. How can I be certain the submission has gone through?

–After a submission via any of our contact forms, the sender will be directed to an automatic confirmation page. If you are not directed to such a page, it is best to assume that it has not gone through due to technical server difficulites and send us an email directly via or text/call us at 010-8407-6112.

How strong do I have to be in order to climb?

–For beginners‚ strong legs‚ precise footing and good balance will take one much higher than a "buffed-out" upper body. As one’s basic techniques improve‚ chin-ups‚ dead-hangs and fingerboard workouts along an occasional cardiovascular workout and good diet will help to take anyone to the next level. Like any new activity‚ the more one works at it‚ the better one will become.

Aren’t climbing lessons and the gear that goes along with it expensive?

–Initially, climbing gear for any beginner can be costly which makes it very important to get familiar with the different types of gear out there before making your own purchase. SAN provides all of the necessary climbing gear to clients at a very reasonable rental fee cost which can save beginners the burdensome hassle of making some big blind purchase. Depending on the season, the gear includes helmet‚ harness‚ shoes, crampons, boots, ice axes and the other appropriate gears for whichever clinic‚ course or program our clients choose. Courses‚ clinics and our knowledgeable staff also make it possible for our clients the chance to try out and learn about the various types of gear. For info on our rental rates, check out our Rental & Rates.

How fit do I have to be to climb?

–Of course‚ it helps to be fit and slender to climb; but it is certainly not necessary. Good technique and know-how go a long way when it comes to getting up an easy to moderate route. The activity of climbing alone will make you stronger‚ get you shape without some burdensome dieting plan or workout schedule. Mostly‚ climbing is an excellent way to get out into nature.

How do I dress for climbing?

–The answers to this question are many-fold and depend on the time of year‚ climate and forecast for the scheduled date. Generally‚ wear loose-fitting clothing‚ but don’t wear cotton under-briefs or t-shirts‚ stay away from spandex and coolmax in the winter. Also‚ don’t wear your favorite shirt‚ ring‚ watches or bracelets. For more specific information‚ please click on the link: Gearing Up.

What should I do to prepare for my course?

–Depending on the location of the course‚ most SAN courses are done in the Bukhansan National Park and require roughly forty-five minutes to an hour and a half for the approach hike in to the crag. It helps to be in decent cardiovascular shape; however not absolutely necessary. Aside from Gearing Up properly‚ everything will be taken care of in advanced by SAN.

What about the climbing gear? What can I do about this?

–Do not worry about climbing gear because whether you own some climbing gear or none, all climbing gear can be rented from SAN at the very reasonable rates. Please visit and click on our Rental & Rates link here to learn more: .

I already have climbing gear, but what gear is required during my outing with SAN LLC?

–SAN LLC requires that all participants have no less than the following gear: helmet, harness, 2 HMS locking carabiners, tie-in tether(e.g. PAS, daisy chain, etc), and abseil device. Any gear absent from this list can be rented at a reasonable rate. Please visit and click on our Rental & Rates link here to learn more: For additional questions about gear for your outing contact us via email.

I already have climbing gear, but is my gear appropriate?

–Be sure your harness and climbing shoes match the style of your outing with SAN LLC. For multi-pitch climbs, it is best to have a wide or thick waist banded harness for the longer hanging wait times at each belay station as opposed to the thinner and lighter waist-banded sport climbing harnesses that do not require such long hang times. Likewise, the softer and slightly looser lace-up style climbing shoes make for comfortable shoes over the course of a full day of non-stop climbing over the harder, tighter and less forgiving sport-climbing style shoes. Non-climbing helmets are discouraged as substitutes for real climbing helmets simply because their improper designs may unnecessarily expose one to potential harm/injury.

I would rather buy a set of my own for future use. What kind of gear is required for the program and where on earth can I find climbing gear in Korea?

–If you decide not to rent, we require the following gear for the full program: harness, helmet, HMS Locking carabiner, large D locking carabiner, daisy chain, belay device(preferrably not Figure 8), and sticky rubber approach shoes or lace up slippers. A lot of our clients purchase at the Ui Sports shop out of conveniance during the program. They offer a very good deal on the aforementioned gear(plus they throw a chalk bag in, too). Here is the link to the Ui Sports shop– just let us know if you need help:

I have participated in several SAN LLC outings; however, was wondering if I could rent gear from SAN for my own personal use?

–Unfortunately, it goes against SAN LLC policy to rent climbing gear out beyond SAN LLC functions. It is SAN LLC’s responsibility to maintain an accurate and regular inventory on the condition of SAN LLC gear.

I am interested in working with SAN LLC. How can I find out more about this?

–Either contact us directly via email along with a brief summary of personal climb log, cover letter, and climbing work resume along with any certifications and recommendations. If we are interested in your submission or are seeking employment, we will go from there with the details.

I am having problems viewing the SAN LLC webpage. Everything comes up jumbled and looks like the page needs an upgrade. How can I view this page more cleanly?

–For optimum viewing, we recommend viewers of our page to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8(IE8) or Firefox navigators. If problems persist, please contact us via ASAP!

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