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Custom Guided Climb

SAN Guided Custom Outings are designed for those who have something special in mind for their trip with SAN. Sanirang Alpine Networks can design a wide variety of options ranging from hiking through some of Seoul and GyeongGi Province’s finer parks. SAN also offers unique trekking courses in the Bukhansan National Park which includes camping and cooking under the stars, climbing a majestic ridge line or rock climbing. The choice is yours!

These custom outings are not only designed for adults, but also cater to junior groups, too. Junior groups are guided and chaperoned by SAN guides and support members with the experience to make your children come home with smiles on their faces and learn about a part of nature to capture their imaginations.

SAN designs all custom guided outings to best suit your wants and needs to make your experience in Korea something to remember and take back home with you. This is an excellent way to explore some of South Korea’s most beautiful terrain whether it be under the fiery autumn leaves, in the brisk winter air or in the thriving lively natural environment of the spring.

Sanirang Alpine Networks understands how difficult buying gear in Korea can be. We also understand how expensive the necessary basic gear can be in order to learn how to climb, so because of this, SAN rents all of the necessary gear required to climb from head to toe at the cheap and reasonable rates. Necessary gear includes: helmet, harness, crampons, hard-soled insulated boots, ice axes and belaying device set. For information on rental and rates, refer to this page here: All clients are encouraged to bring their own gear or buy their own gear if possible!

*Sanirang Alpine Networks requires the signing of a release of liablity form by all participants of any SAN related clinic‚ program‚ course or service and reserves the right to deny service to those who do not.

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