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“Booked an extremely fun 1:1 ice climbing session with Sanirang Alpine Networks LLC yesterday. Great day consolidating French techniques with the piolet axe as well as N, X and Zig-zag forms on vertical ice. If you’re ever interested in anything related to climbing in Seoul, look no further than this dude. Extremely knowledgeable, caters to ability and needs, and proficiently redundant with safety!”–Justin Ouellette

“I had a great day with Peter in Seoul. It was easy to contact him via email and organise everything beforehand. Peter is very knowledgeable and I learned some good tips and had a lovely time in the national park.”–Ekta Paw

“Had a fantastic time on my climbing course, Peter was very patient and tailored the day perfectly around my skills, filling the gaps in my current knowledge where needed. Peter prioritised safety in everything we did. Looking forward to my next outing with Sanirang Alpine Networks.” –Mathew Suthery

Exhausted after a physically and mentally draining day climbing Seoul’s Bukhansan (I hate heights!), but it was a great reminder to never underestimate myself because I can and will achieve it. Thanks again!! Climbing was definitely one of my top highlights for my trip!”–Danielle Fabrizio

“I just recently got into destination climbing and had heard climbing in South Korea is an amazing experience. After searching for a knowledgeable guide, we found Peter at Sanirang Alpine Networks. We were not disappointed! We were one intermediate climber and a beginner climber and Peter helped us accomplish a great deal in one day. We hiked through Bukhansan National Park and began the climb of Insubong Peak. Peter had a lot of great information on the area and was fun to hang out with. We climbed the 810m mountain with slab and crack climbing as well as steep hikes. We had lunch at the summit and rappelled down, which was beautiful. We rented all the gear from Peter as well. I recommend climbing during your visit to South Korea with SAN!” –Stephanie Silberstang

“I went climbing with Sanirang Alpine Networks on Monday and had an incredibly adventurous, fun, memorable day with Peter and Jack! We did about a 9 hour day – about 2.5 hours of hiking and the rest was climbing! I felt safe the entire time with these guys and they helped and encouraged me along the way! I definitely pushed myself on these climbs more than I ever had before and it was awesome! I definitely recommend climbing with Sanirang, you’ll have a unique and memorable experience!!” –Leah Dolan-Kelley

“EPIC TIME!” –MoolYong Lim

“The 6 hour multi-pitch climb up Insubong peak with SAN! Thanks to the crew at Sanirang Dot Net for a quality guide. Was really great. Feel blessed to have had you as our guide. Such a good day” –Jeremy Dotch

“Bukhansan is an incredible place to climb. Not only for the dream-like quality of the rock, but also the rich cultural history. All along the paths Peter pointed out signs of the thousands of years of history as a fortress. When combined with the many active Buddhist temples in the park, the climbing experience is one of the most unique in the world. As a guide, Peter is wonderfully knowledgeable, safe, enthusiastic and fun. He knows the routes like the back of his hand—and having literally written the recent history of Korean alpine climbing, it is a real treat to share a rope with him.”
–Michael Gillenwater

As my time Korea is coming to a close, I had to climb one more time with my friend and guide, Peter, with Sanirang Dot Net. On the granite monolith known as Insubong in Bukhansan National Park, there is a route that folks say “everybody does once”, also known as “The Ear” of Insubong. Since I have already been in Korea for a month and been out climbing twice with Peter, I figured I would give it a shot. What resulted was the hardest climb of my life, thoughts that I would not be able to finish the route, and a tough, stiff 2 1/2 aid climb across a huge 20 meter roof. But where there is a will, there is a way, and I successfully completed the EAR. I have to say thank you to Peter and the guides of Sanirang Dot Net for helping and guiding me with my climbs in Korea. My experiences climbing and socializing with you all are something I will cherish for many years to come.”
— John Masek

“Climbing in Bukhansan National Park! A huge thank you to for an incredible day out climbing follwed by cocktails in Itaewon!”
— Suzy Wallace

“My climbing trip with SAN was honestly the highlight of my entire stay in South Korea. The guide, Peter, was amazing – very patient and knowledgeable. I didn’t have any experience with multi-pitch climbing, but by the end of the day I felt like I had accomplished so much. The entire experience was so much fun. I highly recommend SAN to anyone who enjoys climbing.”
— Michelle McGuinness

“We have really enjoyed the attention to detail you guys have provided and would heartily recommend your service. Both the boys have really enjoyed climbing on the wall and especially real rock climbing on a crag. Hopefully they are now hooked.”
— Charles Tweed

“Thanks for a wonderful experience! The instruction was superb. I would recommend the knowledgeable instructors at Sanirang to anyone interested in trying climbing for the first time or in need of advanced technical climbing instruction.”
— Hugh Schuckman

“I had a wonderful time on both of my private ice climbs with Sanirang Alpine Networks! I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of professionalism, depth of knowledge, and, most importantly, patience. Close attention was paid to techniques not normally covered in classes dealing with vertical ice. I feel learning these techniques will aid in future climbs as I hope to continue taking classes as my skills improve. If you’ve ever been curious about the world of ice climbing and want to meet cool, down to earth people who’ll make you feel at ease, you can’t go wrong with Sanirang!”
— Daniel Mooney

“As a regular climber, I have always wanted to try Ice climbing and after watching this year’s Reel Rock event video of Will Gadd in BC, I pitched in my final bet for the Ice Climbing auction they held and won. I have known Peter from the free climbing safety clinics he held before, so trusted his experience and professionalism. In the beginning, it was very cold and my toes were freezing, but I forgot it all as I start climbing because it was so much fun! Sanirang provided all gears and the climbing photos I received afterwards was a bonus. 🙂 I will definitely climb with Sanirang again as they provide the most fun with the “safety first” mindset.”
–Joo-won Kim

“All, good package, lots of fun and lots of learning. The most difficult was the inverted part at the bottom, but we wanted to give it a try…:-) I give my lesson a 9/10– gives me the opportunity to still top it for a next time!”
–Christian Schindler

“If you are like me, you are probably skeptical if you read overly, glowing reviews minus any criticism. All things considered logistically speaking, I found SAN to be a very, very good value and a great resource for that region. I think the ultimate decider of whether it was a good day or not out there was if I would go out with them again. I am already looking forward to my next visit to Seoul, and when that happens, you bet I’m giving SAN a call.”
–Jeff More

“Had an absolutely awesome day with Sanirang, doing a guided ridge climb finished off with a multipitch route on Insubong. Peter was a fantastic guide and chose two brilliant routes for the day. Thank you for a day of stunning views, great climbing and good company! I’ll definitely be back and would recommend anyone who wants to get out climbing in Korea to get in touch with Sanirang! ”
–Dan Horsham

“Thank you for the most exceptional lunch (on top of Insu Peak) I have had in my life. I know you have made this your job (and you do it well) but I am still greatful for two really good days. I will probably calm down eventually, but I see no reason to force it. I have some really good bruises on my arms today, and they make me very proud.”
–Ulrika Lindeblom von Buxhoeveden

“Having not been on rock in about 2.5 years, Peter made this an excellent experience! The day was planned very well and his choices of routes were on par. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but it was a great experience, one that I would gladly do again. I?ll be seeing him this winter for a little ice adventure!”
–James Ramsey

“It was a great day on the rocks; Peter was knowledgeable and extremely friendly, and a terrific host to the Insubong granite. We got a ton of pitches in, enjoyed the views, and found a variety of challenges and climbing situations. Peter played host not only to the rock but to the climber’s traditions in Korea.”
–Eric Werker

“Sanirang provided a custom ice course that was carefully designed and executed with pure quality. It was one of the most intense, fulfilling and enjoyable two days I’ve spent in the mountains. If you want to learn practical mountaineering skills and have a truly great time, just commit and trust in Sanirang to provide.”
–Rhys Brindle,

“I really had no idea what French technique was, so it was cool to learn how to walk up less than vertical ice. I didn’t feel like anything was missing from the course.”
–Lindsey Kiehn

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